Do you have a clear and concise answer that compels people? Or do you ramble on for five minutes not really saying much at all?

If you are a rambler, don’t feel bad. I was there for so long after starting my business. I knew in my head and heart what I wanted to do and could do for people, but I struggled to convey it in a short amount of time. My “elevator pitch” only worked in the Burj Kahalifa.

And even then, more often than not, after I fumbled my way through it, I got blank stares in return. It took me a lot of time and multiple iterations to figure it out. And it will continue to evolve, I know. Businesses are living, breathing organisms that change over time, so your pitch and value proposition has to change over time with it.

The most important things you can convey in a short elevator pitch or value proposition are: what you do, who you serve, and what makes you unique.

What you do should be fairly easy, but I bet you can dig deeper into the what your clients really get from working with you. In my case, I went from providing my clients with business strategy to helping them develop new revenue streams. I do both. But so much of my focus on business strategy is getting clients really clear on how they earn money. So the wording developed.

Who you serve is tricky. I know, I know. You are so tired of hearing me talk about target market. But I continue to do it, because of its importance. I’ve continually narrowed my target by behaviors and focus of their work  (if not very specific industry) over time. The more clear you can be, the more it will resonate with the person you want to work with.

What makes you unique is the icing on the cake. It drives those people within your target who very clearly want you and the way you work, to your door. Everyone can say that they are high quality and professional and honest and friendly. Those things don’t make you stand out. You have to find the very specific things about you that are different.

Having those items will get you started on a clear and concise value proposition that will peak the interest of the people around you, and most importantly—your target client.

Want to put this all together in your own short and sweet value proposition? Download my value proposition mad lib!