Creative Thinking

Let’s get real:
We need creative thinking now,
more than ever.

Everything we thought we knew about our businesses is changing. Like a puzzle, nearly complete, upended into a thousand pieces and no box conveniently showing us the picture to work from as we try to put it back together. From the way we serve our customers to the way our teams work together and everything in between. The problems we are facing are different and more complex, the opportunities are more subtle and nuanced. 

We have to think differently about how we do business today if we want to survive. 

Facilitated creative thinking sessions break your team out of their normal patterns and gives them a chance to tackle the real issues facing your business—or the opportunity that might be right in front of you.

Key areas ready and waiting for creative disruption:

  • Providing remote or digital products and services 
  • Attracting new clients during an economic downturn

It’s time to unleash the creativity of your employees and not only survive the current business landscape, but thrive.

No boring Zoom calls here

The shift to remote work and virtual training has left us all with a bit of Zoom fatigue, but that doesn’t mean that your employees don’t want opportunities to develop themselves and contribute to the business. They simply don’t want to be bored to tears, staring at a talking head for half a day. My virtual training is different.

Short, but highly engaging and interactive (yes, even virtually!). Through a combination of presentations, activities, questioning, breakout rooms, and more I facilitate sessions that lead to creative solutions for your team to pursue. 

Creativity Power Hour

These creative thinking sessions inspire your team to break through the mental barriers holding you back, build creative muscles and get outside the normal patterns of thinking to find new solutions to your most pressing problems.

Creativity Power Hour can be focused on the general practice of creative thinking or can be tailored to a specific situation your team needs to address—whether that’s a new potential opportunity to take advantage of or a problem that needs to be solved.

90 minutes ($350)

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