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You’ve got the great idea.

We’ve got the strategy to make it profitable.

To say that launching a startup takes a hard work is an understatement. You’ve got to develop the brand, build the marketing plan, get the word out, establish your customer base, and make an exit strategy. We know. We’ve done it—a few times, in fact. We’re not in the business of cheerleading from the sidelines; we want to help you every step of the way. From concept validation to your first sale and each goal along the way, you can rely on our strategies to help you form a business from scratch.

Give your startup an advantage by working with serial entrepreneurs and self-starter strategists!

Going from concept to your first sale takes a lot of hard work. But with Prodigy & Co, you can get the advantage of experience from multiple startup ventures and years’ worth of lessons learned along the way. We’ve know what works—and what doesn’t. In an environment as competitive as startups, having a team by your side to offer insight and encouragement is indispensable. Working with Prodigy & Co means your startup will get the strategies and insights to:
Navigate the formalities of business formation, finances, licensing, and more
Market your venture and create brand awareness
Attract and sign investors to get your business off the ground

Services You’ll Need:

Feasibility Analysis

Rapid Prototyping

Business Plan Development

start·up (n.) a fledgling company staffed by individuals just crazy enough to do something incredible.

Ready to start entrepreneuring?

The idea we had was great—and the team we had was great—but none of that really matters unless you have someone to lead you through the creative strategy process and provide insights to get where you want to go. Whether that’s revising your ideas, talking through your pitch, helping you gain seed funding, or building your business in general, Prodigy & Co will absolutely help you get where you want to go.

— Philip McCoy, Founder, Aerohead

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