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You are on a mission to change the world AND make money. Maybe even lots of it.

You have the passion and the gumption to build an organization that focuses on both purpose and profit.You are tired of the tradeoffs. You aren’t afraid to make the hard decisions to ensure that the mission is never compromised and you believe, like we do, that when you do good, you deserve to do well. 

Your natural state is forward motion. Problem solving. Doing the work. It’s hard for you to stop long enough to build the strategy and scaffolding that will take you from making change to changing the course of history.     

We have the expertise to take you
to the next level.

Prodigy & Co delivers the strategies and business expertise you need to build a successful and sustainable organization that changes the world.

Our mission is ensuring that your mission stays the focus of everything you do, helping you build the revenue streams, processes, and operations that support your growth and your bank account.

We’re about connecting the dots between where you are and where you want to be. We do that through customized action plans and hands-on coaching. 


Work with me

Unstuck on Your Time

Monthly Coaching Starting at $750

You get:

  • One hour kickoff strategy call to map out your plan to getting unstuck and building momentum
  • Access to voxer and email support so you can ask questions any time you have them
  • 36 hour response time on weekdays

Need a little more guidance? Add on 3 – 45minute calls for deeper dive advice and brainstorming for only $300!

Strategy Intensive

Three Hour Intensive – $900

You get:

  • 30-minute kickoff call to map out our plan for your strategy intensive
  • Three hour deep dive where we work through your strategic plan
  • One week of Voxer and email support after the call

it’s not all or nothing. you refuse to settle, and so do we.

Ready to change the world?

“I was recently in a panic about what my proforma was telling me when I called Jessica. She was kind enough to look through my proforma beforehand and even prepare before our meeting. It’s not a novel idea, but it made a huge difference for me. When we met, it was obvious she had worked hard to understand what my issues were, and gave me advice and correction I needed to put my mind at ease, and get me back on track. I will be working with her again because she was not only knowledgeable, but wise.”

— Andrew Brister, ABAV

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