A scalable business needs a smart strategy.

You’re a master of your craft. You struck out on your own to pursue your passion and make a living doing it. But does it ever feel like you’re so caught up with the the administration and planning of your business that you hardly get to pursue your passion?

We have the business background that can turn your passion into an income.

Prodigy & Co delivers the strategies and business expertise you need to build your brand and develop a successful and sustainable profession. We want to see your business grow into something that you are excited to talk about at your high school reunion!
Get noticed. Get hired. We’ll help make a brand that your target audience can’t help but notice.
Need help with the whole internet thing? We’ve got you covered with a custom website that serves as the face of your company.
Can we say it enough? We want to see your business grow! Get the insight of how businesses make sustainable business models and profits.

“I was recently in a panic about what my proforma was telling me when I called Jessica. She was kind enough to look through my proforma beforehand and even prepare before our meeting. It’s not a novel idea, but it made a huge difference for me. When we met, it was obvious she had worked hard to understand what my issues were, and gave me advice, and correction I needed to put my mind at ease, and get me back on track. I will be working with her again because she was not only knowledgeable, but wise.”

— Andrew Brister, ABAV

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