Unlock your organization’s full potential with our expert facilitation and consulting services. 

Our mission at Prodigy & Co is to partner with mission-driven organizations, amplifying their impact and ushering in positive change that resonates far beyond the present. With a deep-rooted commitment to personalized solutions, enduring impact, and client empowerment, we stand as catalysts for transformation in the nonprofit and purpose-driven sector.

We exist to elevate the missions of organizations that are driven by a vision of a better world. Our purpose is to equip our clients with the knowledge, strategies, and resources they need to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and drive sustainable change.

Personalized Solutions

Your organization is one-of-a-kind, and your solutions should be too. We delve deep into your organization’s DNA, collaborating closely with your team to craft custom strategies that align with your mission, vision, and values. No cookie-cutter approaches here – only tailored solutions that work for you.

 Long-Term Impact

Our consulting isn’t just about short-term fixes – it’s about long-term impact. We’re dedicated to fostering sustainable growth that propels your organization forward for years to come. Your success story is our success story.

Building YOUR Capacity 

We’re not just consultants – we’re partners in your organization’s success journey. Our approach focuses on empowering your team to take the reins, ensuring that your organization’s growth is sustainable and resilient. We work alongside your team, sharing insights, strategies, and best practices that equip them to excel – long after our engagement concludes.


Here are just a few of our amazing clients:




Long-term impact and sustainability come from understanding and optimizing your organization’s overall health, efficiency, and ability to achieve its mission and objectives. We offer a comprehensive and methodical approach to evaluating your internal capabilities and readiness, providing a roadmap for you to enhance your operational excellence, leverage your strengths, and mitigate your weaknesses—ensuring you can optimize your performance, remain resilient in the face of change, and pave the way for enduring success and sustainability.


Good management and leadership skills are essential for the success of every organization and every team. We provide both customized, internal leadership programs and workshops and the Prodigy Leadership Academy, a public leadership program offering both in-person and virtual options multiple times a year.

Our leadership programs help supervisors, managers, and upper-level leaders build the necessary skills and insights to take their leadership and people skills to the next level. They are engaging, interactive learning experiences that promote discussion among session participants. Participants walk away with a stronger understanding of their strengths as individual leaders and key insights on managing and leading teams toward success.


In today’s rapidly evolving professional landscape, the pursuit of continuous learning and skill enhancement is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. We offer transformative learning experiences designed to empower individuals with the tools, knowledge, and capabilities needed to excel in their careers. Our workshops and classes are customized to your organization and employees, ensuring your people get exactly what they need to succeed. 


The successful implementation of operational systems is a critical milestone for organizations seeking to optimize their processes, streamline workflows, and achieve operational excellence. We provide a comprehensive and structured approach to deploying new technologies, software solutions, or process enhancements. These services guide you through the entire implementation lifecycle, from planning and customization to testing, training, and ongoing support, ensuring a seamless transition and sustainable improvements.


You know that in this dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, setting a clear and effective strategic direction is critical. You also know that creating a shared vision for a multi-year strategy is not easy, especially when including multiple stakeholders in the process. 

But it is possible—with good facilitation. We offer a comprehensive and structured approach to guiding your board and team through the process of defining their vision, mission, goals, and strategies – bringing them together for an aligned and actionable plan.


Our facilitated team building sessions are designed to elevate your team’s collaboration, communication, and performance to new heights. We understand that a cohesive and motivated team is the cornerstone of organizational success. Our innovative approach facilitates engaging and impactful experiences that foster strong bonds, enhance problem-solving skills, and cultivate a shared sense of purpose among team members.

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