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Changing the world isn’t easy, but it’s worth doing. 
You’re working to make the world a better place, and you need the creative solutions and strategies that will raise funds, raise awareness, and raise your impact.


Strategic Planning Facilitation

A shared vision for a multi-year strategy is not an easy task, especially when including multiple stakeholders in the process, but it’s possible—with good facilitation.

I design and lead strategy sessions that will bring your board and team together for an aligned and actionable plan.

“Jessica expertly guided a board retreat for Tulsa Transit in the Fall of 2020. It was a great opportunity for the board to come closer together as a group as well as express their desired direction for the agency. Jessica inspired the conversation with the right amount of facilitation. I believe the board and staff will be in better alignment on priorities as a result of the retreat and Jessica’s facilitation.”

Ted Reick, General Manager, Tulsa Transit


Business Plans for Revenue Generation

What if you could earn your own revenue outside of traditional fundraising—diversifying your funding and reducing your dependence on foundations and donors?

I help organizations take the assets and knowledge they already have and build their own revenue streams without compromising their mission or distracting their team.

“Jessica helped DVIS to realize that many of our trainings are a potential resource we could market to the community as an alternative funding strategy. She walked us through the business plan process patiently, and she provided invaluable coaching support on the logistics of getting a training program off the ground.”

—Taryn Norman,Chief Inclusion Officer, DVIS

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