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Working with Jessica on the strategic direction for SOTGC was such a great experience. As a creative and visionary CEO, I needed the clear guidance and direction she provided. She helped me work through the short term and long term goals for the brand and develop realistic plans to reach them. Her insights and unique perspective on the path of SOTGC helped align our mission and find new ways to reach our most active members.

-Marney Reid, Founder of Stilettos On The Glass Ceiling, Client

Jessica showed a strong commitment to our team’s success during the course of the Governor’s Cup business plan competition. It seemed as though she was part of our team. Her ability to anticipate future obstacles — and come up with various ideas and pathways to counteract them ahead of time — was a truly invaluable contribution to the process.

–Christine Bizzell, Advisee

I’ve been fortunate to work with Jessica on many project teams. She can inspire, motivate, and organize people to reach that higher level we’re all straining to achieve. And she can do it in a way that we’re all having fun while getting the results we dreamt about.

–Amethyst Cavallaro, Project Team Member

Jessica Kinsey did an amazing job consulting for Unlock Freedom. She helped steer us in the right direction and encouraged us to think about the bigger picture. Jessica’s research on our behalf assisted in propelling Unlock Freedom into the next phase. Anyone that works with her will not be disappointed.

–Annie Perkins, co-founder / CEO, unlockfreedom.org

I met Jessica in the spring of 2014, when I took an entrepreneurship class for my Masters in Business Administration at the University of Tulsa.

The class focused on competing in the Governor’s Cup, an Oklahoma statewide Business Plan Competition. Jessica advised my team, and after A LOT of hours revising and editing our ideas, my team took first place and won $20,000.

The idea we had was great…and the team we had was great…but none of that really matters unless you have someone to Lead you through the creative strategy process and provide insights to get where you want to go. The next year in 2015, my team repeated and won another $20,000–another HUGE credit to Coach Kinsey!

Whether that’s revising your ideas, talking through your pitch, helping you gain seed funding, or building your business in general, Jessica will absolutely help you get where you want to go.

–Phillip McCoy, Advisee

The Applied Creativity and Innovation course focused on stimulating creativity in individuals and in teams. I always considered myself a creative and innovative thinker, but didn’t exactly know how to apply it with a business mindset. Jessica helped her students identify factors that promoted and strengthened design thinking. She exposed her students to various experimental methods by assigning a creativity journal and dividing us into project teams to create a pitch and design brief. These creative exercises were supported by various readings that helped us develop these strategies further. After taking this course, I am more confident in my creative problem solving skills.

–Caitlyn E. San Pablo, former student

I love thinking up new business and philanthropy ideas…but following through on those ideas used to be a very different story. While taking one of Jessica’s classes, she showed me how to create a plan to truly follow through with what I was trying to accomplish. She taught me about design thinking and how there is no such thing as One Right Way.

Jessica has experienced failures and successes in entrepreneurship–and she was never scared to share the details if it meant helping one of her students. Her insight helped me accept my own group’s failure–and eventually turn it around and back into a success.

–Teresa Stastny, former student

I took Jessica’s Applied Creativity and Innovation on a whim. By the end of the class, my eyes were opened to how creative I could actually be. Jessica helped steer my mind away from the roadblocks I was creating for myself, and allowed me to incorporate more and more “outside-the-box” thinking.

Bringing her entrepreneurial spirit to the classroom, she created a Serial Entrepreneur in me. I have since added “The Entrepreneurship Start-up” class to my transcript and was the first to declare the newly offered “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” Minor at The University of Tulsa.  With Jessica’s assistance, I have found an innovative streak within myself that I never knew existed, and have definitely been bitten by the Entrepreneurship Bug.

–Steve Neal, former student

Jessica’s insights, creative solutions, and love for all things entrepreneurial make her an effective teacher and mentor to the entrepreneurship students at The University of Tulsa.

I consider her our Secret Weapon based on the awesome success her Student Teams have had in their business competitions. Her corporate employment, personal entrepreneurial journey, and teaching/mentoring experiences have provided Jessica with the diverse opportunities necessary to become the resourceful problem-solver and teacher that she is today.

–Claire Cornell, Asst. Director of Entrepreneurship, The University of Tulsa