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The popUP Sessions are a collection of “pop-up” workshops to educate, engage and entertain. The topics range from tactical marketing tips to leadership and organizational strategies to help you accomplish your goals. If you are a small business, a nonprofit, or simply a life-learner, these workshops are for you! 

I’ve attended at least 15 popUP Sessions events over the last 3 years. Jessica assembled a heavy hitter crew of subject matter experts and charged only a nominal fee so anyone could afford the events. I’ve had opportunities to learn about using social media, photography and video for business. I’ve been directed to useful resources. We’ve used so many of the tools presented to start and now grow our HVAC business, Doc J’s Heat and Air. 

Deborah Jenkins | Doc J’s Heat and Air

“Thanks for the work you do in the community. Tulsa Hub has benefited greatly from the wisdom and contacts myself and other staff have achieved through taking these popUP Sessions trainings.”

Ren Barger | Founder, Tulsa Hub

How to Create Your First $100K

Friday, November 4

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Presenter: Asa Leveaux

In this workshop, participants will learn:

    1. What’s standing in your way
    2. The six pillars of business that need your attention…NOW
    3. The script that produces prospecting results
    4. What industry saturation truly looks like

About the Speaker:

Led by Asa Leveaux, who delights in the fact that he has learned to operate within his personal motto of “possessing a joyous existence conceived by enlightened thought and achieved through love, passion and wealth”. As a result of working with Asa, service providers benefit from the done-for-you solutions that his business concierge agent, The Wealth Spa, creates. He revels in not being willing to leave anyone behind in the fulfillment of their dreams, a concept introduced by his 20 years in the US military where he was the recipient of the Bronze Star.

Asa is the best-selling author of “I Am Man Enough: 365 Affirmations for Men”, “I Am Woman Enough” and “Fuck Balance”. His latest book, “Black and Queer” is his first memoir. Leveaux has been featured in such publications as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, Black Enterprise and The Gayly. Asa often tells his audiences and clients that, “Everything is on the other side of you feeling focused and worthy.”

popUP sessions

Battling Burnout

Monday, November 7

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Presenter: Andrea Pemberton

Throughout the pandemic, burnout rates among employees hit record highs as workers struggled to adjust to alternative work environments, manage increased workloads and juggle work-life balance. Burnout is a psychological syndrome associated with prolonged stress at work, and it has been linked to multiple negative individual health outcomes which threaten employee and organizational well-being. With burnout levels continuing to rise and contribute to the ongoing Great Resignation, it is important for individuals and organizations to address burnout head-on.

In this workshop participants will learn:

    1. How to identify signs of burnout among themselves and their coworkers
    2. Strategies for preventing and mitigating burnout at an individual and organizational level
    3. Resources to help recover from burnout

About the Speaker:

Led by Andrea Pemberton, consultant, facilitator, and Talent & Organizational Lead at Arrowhead Consulting. Andrea holds an MA in Organizational Dynamics from OU-Tulsa and is a published author on the subject of occupational burnout.

The Secret Sauce of Board Engagement

Tuesday, November 15

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Presenter: Wendy Thomas

Board members are trustees on behalf of the community, governing the nonprofit organization to fulfill its mission and to operate in a legally and fiscally responsible manner.  But if you struggle to get them to volunteer for an event, show up to meetings, or return an email, you are not alone.  Learn the secret sauce to board engagement including best practices for committee management, meeting facilitation, and cutting through the clutter of electronic communications.

In this workshop, participants will learn:

    1. Board development
    2. Strategic planning
    3. Organization capacity

About the Speaker:

Wendy Thomas is Executive Director of Leadership Tulsa and is a well-known presenter on board best practices and an adept facilitator of group process. She consults with area nonprofit organizations in the area of board development, strategic planning and organization capacity building.

Blended Boundaries this Holiday Season: Navigating the Challenges of Remote Work

Friday, December 2

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Presenter: Vanessa Coke

Work and life are blurred more than ever thanks to a drastic rise in remote trends and a heightened dependency on technology. Although our careers are more portable = it also means your hustle interferes with personal time. It can be very challenging for new + emerging leaders to communicate effectively to avoid burnout. In this workshop participants will learn:

    1. Declutter not only your home- office but your digital workspace (think unnecessary bings, dings, and rings.) 
    2. Create Communication agreements with your team + household. 
    3. Shifting your digital dialogue with more confidence and clarity 
    4. How to organize your alternative routine and stay consistent.

About the Speaker:

Led by Vanessa Coke, Speaker, Educator, and Activist and Founder of Nessy Media, DBA (WEEDLovetotalk) a Cannabis Communications + Career platform for the Remote Mom.

Measuring Program Success for Nonprofits

Friday, December 9

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Presenter: Jonathan Weber-Mendez

Nonprofits operate in service of their missions, but how do they know they are successful? And how do they prove impact and ROI (return on investment) to their donors? Measuring Program Success for NPOs will explore ways your nonprofit can demonstrate program success to grow your mission impact. Participants will learn:

    1. Outputs vs Outcomes
    2. Logic Models
    3. SMARTIE Metrics

About the Speaker:

Jonathan Weber-Mendez is a nonprofit fundraising professional with an MPA in Nonprofit Management. Since 2018, Jonathan has served Write On Fundraising working with both our nonprofit partners and staff to fulfill the company’s mission. As Director of Mission Impact, Jonathan helps equip staff with the education and resources needed to provide equity and compassion to philanthropy. Prior to joining Write On Fundraising, Jonathan served as a fundraiser for YWCA Tulsa and then Folds of Honor. Jonathan began his career of service in the United States Army where he deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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