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The popUP Sessions are a collection of “pop-up” workshops to educate, engage and entertain. The topics range from tactical marketing tips to leadership and organizational strategies to help you accomplish your goals. If you are a small business, a nonprofit, or simply a life-learner, these workshops are for you! 

I’ve attended at least 15 popUP Sessions events over the last 3 years. Jessica assembled a heavy hitter crew of subject matter experts and charged only a nominal fee so anyone could afford the events. I’ve had opportunities to learn about using social media, photography and video for business. I’ve been directed to useful resources. We’ve used so many of the tools presented to start and now grow our HVAC business, Doc J’s Heat and Air. 

Deborah Jenkins | Doc J’s Heat and Air

“Thanks for the work you do in the community. Tulsa Hub has benefited greatly from the wisdom and contacts myself and other staff have achieved through taking these popUP Sessions trainings.”

Ren Barger | Founder, Tulsa Hub

6 Steps to Funded: Empowering Your Education with Free Money

Friday, September 9

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Presenter: Alexis Sanders

Your life experience is likely the reason you want to pursue your dream career but is also your greatest asset in winning academic scholarships and grants that you will never have to pay back. There are scholarship granters and funders looking for people like YOU and in this workshop, you will find out:

    1. What financial aid options available to you 
    2. Where to look to find the free money 
    3. What to do to make yourself an irresistible applicant 
    4. How to become an expert in telling your story

About the Speaker:

Led by Alexis Sanders, a 28-year-old entrepreneur from Jackson, Mississippi. While pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Southern Mississippi, she discovered a way to sell her potential to scholarship committees to get more than $100,000+ in scholarships, grants, and earned income. Today, Alexis has lived in Tulsa for more than two years. She is the founder of The Markista, LLC – a virtual marketing and administrative service that helps social entrepreneurs in marketing and managing their businesses.

Business Model Canvas and Customer Discovery

Wednesday, September 14

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Presenter: Maria Almeida

Starting a business could be an overwhelming task. As a business owner, you may also be intimidated by the idea of having to write a business plan. Before you want to run away, you will learn that the business model canvas (developed by Alex Osterwalder), is a great tool to use to improve the clarity of what your business is trying to achieve. This workshop will help you to eliminate all the fluff from the traditional business plan and lets you zero in on what’s important.

About the Speaker:

Maria Almeida is from Quito – Ecuador. She is a bilingual and bicultural professional committed to helping small business owners with coaching to develop the overall picture of their business including business model, business plan, marketing strategies, and understanding of their financials. Maria has over 15 years of lending and technical assistance experience working with small businesses both in Latin America and the US. She recently moved from Chicago where she was an Associate Director for Entrepreneurial Services with the Women’s Business Development Center. She is currently a Business Advisor with the Oklahoma Small Business Development Centers at Tulsa Tech.

The Enneagram and Business: Nine Lenses of Leadership

Friday, October 14

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Presenter: Lindsey Barbour

Join us for a discussion on the Enneagram personality typing system and its application in the workplace or business setting. The Enneagram provides shared language for personal development and communication to ensure that all team members work together cohesively and find their sweet spot. It can also be utilized for relationship building and conflict resolution with customers or clients. Leaders can become self-aware by identifying their type and recognizing behaviors and patterns that may be hindering overall success.

This workshop will cover:

    1. The nine types including the strengths, potential pitfalls, and motivation of each
    2. Best practices for utilizing the Enneagram to develop a strong company culture and drive productivity

About the Speaker:

Lindsey Barbour, CPA is the Accounting Services Division Leader at CCK Strategies, PLLC. She provides outsourced CFO consulting, tax consulting, and oversees the Accounting Services Division, which serves hundreds of clients with advisory services and financial statement preparation. She has developed an expertise in payroll tax over the last 15 years and dedicated countless research hours to develop the CCK approach related to employee retention credits and other payroll tax credits.

Let’s Launch – 5 Steps to Getting Out of Your Own Way and Launching Your Creative Side-Project

Tuesday, October 25

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Presenter: Vondell Burns

Launching or re-launching a new creative project or venture can be daunting without a plan. If you’re an aspiring or full-time creative entrepreneur who’s been allowing imposter syndrome and/or the illusion of time to keep you from launching a creative project, this is for you. You may not feel ready to launch, but if you’re at least ready to get ready then join me for this Let’s Launch workshop. In this workshop, we will deep dive into one of the five milestones below (audience choice) getting you one step closer to the launch on your vision board. 

Let’s Launch Milestones:

    1. Set your SMART goals
    2. Develop your Creative Brief 
    3. Establish your Online Presence 
    4. Create Content that Generates Leads
    5. Package your Portfolio

About the Speaker:

Led by Vondell J. Burns, founder of Thankless Production LLC and creator of Let’s Launch, a virtual accelerator for creative entrepreneurs.

The Art of Gathering: How to Bring People Together

Monday, November 7

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Presenter: Daniel McIntosh

When coming together is more important than ever, we must have a human-centered approach to gathering that will help everyone find real belonging and create meaningful experiences.

Participants will learn:

    1. How committing to a clear purpose, is the first step to making a meaningful gathering
    2. How to create real community within the workplace, your neighborhood, and with friends
    3. How to be a better facilitator

About the Speaker:

Led by Daniel MacIntosh, Executive Director at Parish Network is a pastor and spiritual director who lives in Tulsa, OK with his wife and three kids and their rascally dog, Douglas.

The Secret Sauce of Board Engagement

Tuesday, November 15

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Presenter: Wendy Thomas

Board members are trustees on behalf of the community, governing the nonprofit organization to fulfill its mission and to operate in a legally and fiscally responsible manner.  But if you struggle to get them to volunteer for an event, show up to meetings, or return an email, you are not alone.  Learn the secret sauce to board engagement including best practices for committee management, meeting facilitation, and cutting through the clutter of electronic communications.

In this workshop, participants will learn:

    1. Board development
    2. Strategic planning
    3. Organization capacity

About the Speaker:

Wendy Thomas is Executive Director of Leadership Tulsa and is a well-known presenter on board best practices and an adept facilitator of group process. She consults with area nonprofit organizations in the area of board development, strategic planning and organization capacity building.

Previous workshops have included:

Engaging Your Followers: Social Media for Nonprofits
(Jeff Martin – Philbrook)
Digital Advertising
(Xavier Beasley – Inspire Vision)
Canva 101 (Beth Macias – SunBranch Marketing)
Working with Diverse Teams 
(Cynthia Townsend – Ideas Knowledge Strategies Consulting)
Podcasting 101 (Will Retherford – Citizens of Sound)
Pricing Your Services (Jessica Kinsey – Prodigy & Co)
Pinterest for Business
(Kersten Anderson – Speakeasy Market Strategies)

Creating Margin & Reducing Overwhelm
(Kirby Andersen)
How to Develop Online Offers (Jessica Kinsey – Prodigy & Co)
Advocacy for Nonprofits (Oklahoma Policy Institute)
Building Your Digital Presence
(Meg Weinkauf – The Faithful Leader)
Sales for Small Businesses & Nonprofits (James Pesche)
Email Marketing 101 (Jessica Kinsey – Prodigy & Co)
Getting Government Contracts (Tulsa Tech)
Words Matter: Using Inclusive Language in Your Workplace
(Linda Jenkins & Aba Hammond)

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