The Popcorn Series

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The Popcorn Series is a collection of “pop-up” workshops to educate, engage and entertain. The topics range from tactical marketing tips to leadership and organizational strategies to help you accomplish your goals. If you are a small business, a nonprofit, or simply a life-learner, these workshops are for you! See the dates and descriptions below to attend one today.

“Thanks for the work you do in the community. Tulsa Hub has benefited greatly from the wisdom and contacts myself and other staff have achieved through taking these Popcorn series trainings.”

Ren Barger | Founder, Tulsa Hub


Wednesday, January 8 – Engage Your Followers – Social Media for Nonprofits

Thursday, January 16 – Creating Margin & Reducing Stress

Tuesday, January 21 – Business Tax Essentials

Thursday, January 30 – Digital Advertising


Friday, February 7 – Building Your Digital Presence

Friday, February 14 – Working with Diverse Teams

Thursday, February 20 – Podcasting 101

Tuesday, February 25 – Planning a Brand Photo Shoot

Friday, February 28 – Pricing Your Consulting & Freelance Services


Thursday, March 5 – Pinterest 101 for Business

Friday, March 13 – Facebook Basics for Business

Thursday, March 19 – Product Development Basics

Thursday, March 26 – Sales for Small Business & Nonprofits

Tuesday, March 31 – Giving Effective Presentations

Friday, February 7
Beginner Workshop

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Presenter: Meg Weinkauf – The Faithful Leader

Building your Digital Presence

We live in world of a digital first, meaning people meet you online before they meet you in person. What does your online presence say about you? About your business? 

You’re awesome. The people closest to you know. But, does the world? Learn how to communicate your awesomeness in an authentic way to those that matter the most.

Learn how to increase your digital emotional intelligence, create a digital branding strategy including personal SEO, and optimize your LinkedIn and other important platforms. Led by Meg Weinkauf, professor of management and digital marketing at ORU, founder of The Faithful Leader, speaker, coach, and consultant on transformational leadership and career transitions. 

Friday, February 14
Beginner Workshop

Working with Diverse Teams

Perspective is invaluable to any business and teams are a key vehicle of gathering perspective. Each person within and associated with your business has a unique viewpoint about your organization’s work. Much time is spent on gathering the perspective of customers.  How much time does your organization spend on gathering the perspective of its staff? How many great ideas are undiscovered because there is no outlet to release them?  

This workshop will explore the value of building and working with diverse teams. Participants will learn why diverse teams are beneficial to achieving an organization’s goals, learn about the leadership’s role in encouraging the sharing of ideas, and be introduced to some concepts of group dynamics as they relate to working with diverse teams.

Thursday, February 20
Beginner Workshop

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Presenter: Will Retherford – Citizens of Sound

Podcasting 101

Podcasting is like Youtube. It is never going away. You might as well use it as a tool to grow your brand and build trust and authentic connections with listeners who may become loyal customers or followers. This beginner-level workshop will cover why you might want a podcast and how to get started including technical needs and content considerations. Led by Will Retherford, founder of Citizens of Tulsa podcast and Citizens of Sound podcast consulting service. Your voice matters. Let it be heard.

Tuesday, February 25
Beginner Workshop

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Presenter: Beth Macias – SunBranch Marketing

Planning a Brand Photo Shoot

Taking photos for your website or social media accounts can be fun, but are you staying on brand and portraying the right image for yourself and your company? Learn the basics of planning a brand photo shoot including coordinating with your brand colors, finding a location, what you need to know when you are working with a photographer and how to do it on your own or with a friend. Led by Beth Macias, brand and web designer, photographer, and all around business creative.

Friday, February 28
Beginner Workshop

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Presenter: Jessica Kinsey – Prodigy & Co

Pricing your Consulting & Freelancing Services

Knowing how to price your services can be one of the hardest things to figure out as a consultant or freelancer. Feeling comfortable owning what you are worth can be even harder. Learn different methods to determine your rates and discuss the mental barriers that might be holding you back. Led by Jessica Kinsey, Social Impact Strategist, founder of Prodigy & Co, and consultant with an abundance of pricing scars and successes.

Thursday, March 5
Beginner Workshop

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Presenter: Kersten Andersen – Speakeasy Marketing

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is the second largest social media driver of traffic to websites. Are you missing out? Find out if Pinterest is right for your business. From what is a pin to how to make money from your account, learn the basics with Tulsa’s Marketing Dame, Kersten Anderson. 

Friday, March 13
Beginner Workshop

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Presenter: Kris Murray – Spark Creates

Facebook Basics for Business

Get started with Facebook. Optimize your page to get the most out of your Facebook efforts. We cover the most important items to create a compelling page and how and what to post to optimize your time with little to no budget. Designed with small business owners in mind, but will apply to anyone who wants to build a personal or business brand on Facebook. *This session will not cover paid advertising on Facebook.

Thursday, March 19
Beginner Workshop

From Napkin to Shelf: Product Development Basics

Learn how to take an idea for a new product from the first sketch through engineering and design, prototyping, protection, and commercialization. This beginner-level workshop will cover the key steps to bringing your product to life, including case studies of what to do and what not to do. Led by the team from the OSU New Product Development Center – Jessica Stewart, Assistant Director, Evan Pratt, Mechanical Engineer, and Jonathan Gonzales, Electrical Engineer.

Thursday, March 26
Beginner Workshop

Sales for Small Businesses & Nonprofits

Sales conversations are critical to the success of most small businesses and nonprofits. In this beginner-level workshop learn how to develop your own confidence and mindset for sales, determine communication styles to most effectively connect with others, and learn powerful questions to get to the emotional needs of your clients and donors. Led by James Pesche, a Human Behavioral Specialist, Hypnotist, and NeuroLinguistic Programming Coach.

Tuesday, March 31
Beginner Workshop

Giving Effective Presentations

Come learn how to give presentations as captivating and confident as a TED talk.  This interactive workshop will teach anyone how to comfortably communicate to an audience and leave them with a message they’ll remember. Learn the surprising secrets of body language and tone of voice, how anyone can get comfortable in front of a crowd, and how to turn a technical topic into a clear, memorable story. Taught by Marie Moran, a University of Tulsa Applied Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and award-winning speaker, who specializes in design thinking and coached last year’s TEDx UTulsa speakers.

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