The Popcorn Series

The Popcorn 

Brought to you by Tulsa Tech, 36 Degrees North and Prodigy & Co.

The Popcorn Series is a collection of “pop-up” workshops to educate, engage and entertain. The topics range from tactical marketing tips to leadership and organizational strategies to help you accomplish your goals. If you are a small business, a nonprofit, or simply a life-learner, these workshops are for you! 

“Thanks for the work you do in the community. Tulsa Hub has benefited greatly from the wisdom and contacts myself and other staff have achieved through taking these Popcorn series trainings.”

Ren Barger | Founder, Tulsa Hub

Tuesday, June 2
Beginner Workshop

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Presenter: Cindy McGhee – NextGen Tax Services

Nonprofit Tax Essentials

Non-profit organizations are exempt from paying taxes, but they still have an annual filing requirement. In fact, failure to file timely, complete, and accurate non-profit returns can result in losing your tax-exempt status. This workshop will break down the requirements, common mistakes and “right-sized” best practices for small and growing non-profit organizations. Led by Cindy McGhee, CPA and Managing Director of NextGen Tax Services, PLLC who has over 18 years of experience working with companies and small businesses.

Wednesday, June 10
Beginner Workshop

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Presenter: Jessica Kinsey – Prodigy & Co

Email Marketing 101

You understand how important it is to have an email list to connect with your target customers, but you aren’t sure how to get started. Learn the basics: why and how to build your email list, what to include in your emails, how not to be spammy and more. This session will not cover a specific email marketing system, but the basic concepts behind email marketing overall. Led by Jessica Kinsey, Social Impact Strategist, founder of Prodigy & Co, facilitator, coach, and consultant.

Wednesday, June 17
Beginner Workshop

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Presenter: Angie Cash – Tulsa Tech

Getting Government Contracts

Do you qualify for any specific government certifications? How do you get government contracts? What about tax credits for specific designated groups? If you are asking these questions, this workshop is for you! We will discuss basic best practices when working with the government and specifically, how to get the contracts you need to help your organization become successful!


Thursday, June 25
Beginner Workshop

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Presenter: Linda Jenkins & Aba Hammond

Words Matter: Using inclusive language

The language we choose to use signals information about our attitudes towards others, ourselves, and the situations in which we find ourselves. When we talk with or about people or groups of people that we may not identify with, we may use language that excludes or alienates them. Inclusive language acknowledges diversity, conveys respect to all people, is sensitive to differences, and promotes equal opportunities. Learn the definition of inclusive language and why it matters, when to use it, and how to use it. Led by Linda Jenkins, consultant and trainer, BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer®, and owner of Jenkins Consulting Group and Aba Hammond, trainer, community advocate, and Inclusion and Diversity Representative at ONE Gas. 

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Prodigy & Co and Tulsa Tech workshops?

Want to stay up-to-date on Prodigy & Co and Tulsa Tech workshops?