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Let’s do dot org differently™

Changing the world isn’t easy, but it’s worth doing. You’re working to make the world a better place, and you need the creative solutions that will raise funds, raise awareness, and raise your impact.

Prodigy & Co has a long history of helping small businesses develop their unique brand, establish them as authorities in their market, and find capital. We bring the same skill-set to your nonprofit and will help you act more business-minded.

YOU are doing important work.

Our goal is to ensure your work can continue, your followers and supporters are engaged, and your bank account is plump enough to feed a large community – not to mention, (gasp) create a living for you.

We want to make the ripple effect you are creating ripple even further.

The right strategies for the right cause.

Ready to make an impactful change? Creative strategies are the best way to get there. Prodigy & Co has worked extensively with nonprofits to expand their network of local partners and supporters by utilizing innovative strategies. Make a difference in your community with:

Business plans to scale your social enterprise

Innovative ideas for revenue streams

Positioning with donors and the community

But don’t just take our word for it, you noble knight. Here are some tough questions we’ve received, along with our candid answers…

Kristens question: There are over 1 million 501(c)(3)’s filed with the IRS. How can we attempt to be unique?!

Our answer was to uncover Kristen’s personal why, and construct a map of the nonprofit landscape, so she could see where her organization fit in. Then we created a startup branding guide that speaks to her ideal market and helped her team establish a clear mission and vision – with oh so much punch.

Anns question: People are asking for our program weekly, but we don’t have the capacity to expand with our full-scale program. How do we increase our impact in a way that is sustainable for us and affordable to the school who need us?

Our answer was to perform an in-depth needs analysis to see what Ann’s beneficiaries truly needed (and wanted). Then, we developed a five-year expansion plan that would allow schools to bring in a scaled down, more affordable version of the program.

Tammys question: We have a social enterprise that is doing great—it’s in high demand and it’s more than meeting it’s program goals. How do we know how to scale and how do we ensure we don’t lose the heart of why we started in the process?

Our answer was to analyze the financial data to determine what aspects of the enterprise were thriving, and which were surviving. Then, we implemented a plan to scale the best while ensuring the impact stayed intact.

Services You’ll Need:

Marketing & Branding Strategy

Website Design & Development

Growth Strategy

A new world requires new strategies.

Ready to make an impact?

Prodigy & Co did an amazing job consulting for Unlock Freedom. They helped steer us in the right direction and encouraged us to think about the bigger picture. Their research on our behalf assisted in propelling Unlock Freedom into the next phase. Anyone that works with Prodigy & Co will not be disappointed.

— Annie Perkins, co-founder and CEO,

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