Helping organizations
and the people who
keep them running

 We believe the world needs:

better bosses, clearer strategies, more teams on the same page, and more co-workers that get along—in short
people who are happy at work in organizations that are thriving.

We work with mission-driven organizations making a difference in our communities and the world.

Through leadership training programs, professional development, strategic planning, and organizational capacity assessments we make your organization more impactful and sustainable and your people happier and more effective.

Ready to take your organization to the next level?

We help clarify organizational direction and build capacity with a focus on sustainability and long-term impact.

  • Strategic Plan Facilitation
  • Strategy Development
  • Organizational Capacity Assessments

Ready to build up your people and teams?

We help develop leaders, grow individuals, and improve team dynamics with a focus on making people happier and more effective.

  • Leadership Training Programs
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Team Building Sessions

Who I’ve Worked With

Jessica helped DVIS to realize that many of our trainings are a potential resource we could market to the community as an alternative funding strategy. She walked us through the business plan process patiently, and she provided invaluable coaching support on the logistics of getting a training program off the ground.

Taryn Norman

Chief Inclusion Officer, DVIS

About Me

Hey there! I’m Jessica. Facilitator, strategist, impact maker, ideator, and creative. My passion is helping mission driven organizations be more impactful and sustainable and for people working to change the world to be happier and more effective (and not on the verge of burnout). 

I have corporate and entrepreneurial experience, thrive when generating ideas and solving problems, dislike the phrase “we’ve always done it that way”, and want to rid the world of bad bosses. I have a degree in finance and received my MBA from the University of Tulsa, where I was an adjunct professor for Applied Creativity in Business.

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