Every Thursday at 3:30pm EST, James Altucher hosts a Twitter Q&A where anyone can Tweet him a question and he will answer as many as he can.

I just recently learned about this. He has done the Q&A’a since April 2010 and other than Thanksgiving holidays has only missed a few of these sessions. How amazing is that?

If you don’t know James Altucher, he is a best-selling author and entrepreneur who has started more than 20 companies (some of which he sold for lots of cash) and who has written 17 books. He writes a blog and has a relatively new podcast. He has done a little bit of everything. And his outlook on life and business is so fascinating to me.

During today’s Twitter Q&A, I asked James if he had a process for solving problems and if so what it was? He gets hundreds of tweets during this time, so I was not sure I would get a response. But I did!

I love his response. “A problem is intense only relative to how strong I am” That’s a tweetable and quotable for sure!








He says he makes himself stronger than the problems and gives some tips on how he does that.

  1. He writes down 10 ideas every day
  2. He is grateful for the problem
  3. He stays healthy
  4. He surrounds himself with good people

What I love most about his response to this question is that it isn’t so much a problem solving process, but a “make your life better” process.

My focus is on teaching people how to be more creative problem solvers, but sometimes the issue is deeper than a person’s ability to think creatively and generate ideas. If you are not taking care of yourself it is hard for the brain to do its work and give you amazing results.

What things do you do to make yourself stronger and more ready and able to solve problems?