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Build something that matters

Something that supports your life,
not something that runs it

You have the passion and the gumption to build something that focuses on both purpose and profit—something that makes the world better and your life better. You are tired of the tradeoffs.

You aren’t afraid to make the hard decisions to ensure that the mission is never compromised but you believe, like I do, that changing the world shouldn’t cost you your sanity.

How You Know It’s Time For A Change

You keep trying new things, but nothing seems to be working. You feel like you are spinning your wheels and you wonder whether or not you should keep going. You didn’t know you could build a business you don’t enjoy. You feel… stuck.

When you are too close to the problem, task, or issue–it’s easy to lose sight of your original goal, why you started this work in the first place.

As your business encounters new challenges, new clients, new revenue streams…and you begin to realize what you want more of and less of in your business and life, your strategy has to evolve as well.

Work With Me

Unstuck on Your
Time Coaching

Get all the strategy, accountability and support you need, when you need it. No waiting for weekly meetings, trying to remember your questions. Ask and get feedback in (mostly) real-time, so you can keep moving forward.

Monthly Coaching – $800/mo (3 mo commitment)

You get:

  • One hour kickoff strategy call to map out your biggest challenges and areas of stuckness, so we have a plan of attack
  • Access to voxer and email support so you can ask questions any time you have them  (36 hour response time on weekdays)

Need a little more guidance? Add on 3 – 45-minute calls for deeper dive advice and brainstorming for only $360!

Business (Re)Design Strategic Intensive

Take a deep dive into your business strategy, (re)designing what isn’t working so you can do the work that lights you up with the people you most want to support—all while making money that feels good to you.

Strategy Intensive – $900

You get:

  • 45-minute kickoff call to map out our plan for your business redesign
  • 2.5 hour deep dive where we work through your strategic plan – new offers, updated messaging, targeted marketing plans, launch strategies, systemization, and more.
  • One week of Voxer and email support after the call (36 hour response time on weekdays)

Need a little more guidance? Add on monthly coaching at $200 off and no monthly commitment.

Want to take my coaching for a test run?

Join the next Unstuck Yourself Hot Seat Coaching call

If you are ready to get Unstuck and simplify your services, only doing the work you want to do with the people you want to work with, get fast, actionable, super-targeted feedback on your next offer that can get you out of “What do I even do next?” mode, and moving forward faster in this hot seat coaching session.

Why hot seat coaching?

  • Get direct feedback on your issue—no generic theories. It’s for the learn-by-doing types, those craving immediate insights they can actually use.
  • When you are in the hot seat, you have to be clear on your issue. It forces you to focus so you can make the most of your time.
  • Everyone walks away with ideas, even those not in the hot seat because others will have similar issues

What other hot seat participants have said:


Obviously, the hot seat itself was great because that gave me some concrete ideas, but I think also being able to sit in the background and listen to other people’s questions was very helpful.


Getting another perspective on my own stuckness helped to get the mind moving again, but it was also interesting to hear you tackle other people’s questions because there were some nuggets relevant to me in each of them.

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