Virtual Training

No boring Zoom calls here

The shift to remote work and virtual training has left us all with a bit of Zoom fatigue. But that doesn’t mean that your employees don’t want opportunities to learn and develop. They simply don’t want to be bored to tears, staring at a talking head for half a day. My virtual training is different. Short, but highly engaging and interactive (yes, even virtually!). Through a combination of presentations, activities, questioning, breakout rooms and more I deliver actionable content that keeps your employees interested and engaged. 

Creativity & Innovation 

Creativity Power Hour

60 or 90 minutes ($250 / $350)

This workshop inspires creative thinking and ideation with interactive brainstorming activities. Break through the mental barriers holding you back, build creative muscles and get outside the normal patterns of thinking to find new and exciting breakthroughs.  

Creativity Power Hour can be focused on the general practice of creative thinking, or can be tailored to a specific situation your team needs to address—whether that’s a new potential opportunity to take advantage of or a problem that needs to be solved. 

Creative Problem Solving

Two 90 minute sessions ($700)

Identifying and solving problems is a critical skill for individuals and companies, now more than ever. Cookie-cutter solutions won’t allow you to adapt to the changing world. Learn the process of identifying gaps, analyzing causes, and generating solutions that drive business growth. 

Critical Thinking

Two 90 minute sessions ($700)

Information overload and analysis paralysis are changing the landscape of work and the world. Gain tools and techniques for cutting through the noise to what is most important for decision making.

Professional Development

Giving & Receiving Feedback

90 minutes ($350)

Feedback is critical for the development of teams and individuals, but it’s one of the hardest things for people to get comfortable with. Learn how to approach hard conversations, present your ideas more effectively, and take the awkwardness out of the process of feedback.

Developing Your Personal Brand

90 minutes ($350)

Your personal brand is your greatest asset as you advance in your career. Learn how to build and maintain a professional personal brand that will showcase the best of who you are, authentically and naturally, offline and online.

Managing Your Time & Energy

90 minutes ($350)

In the race to be as productive as possible, we often find we aren’t doing our best work or we get burned out. With new and different distractions as we work remotely, we have to change our concept of time and energy management. Learn tools and techniques to find your flow, maintain focus, and bring your best self to each task.

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