Do you think about doing good with your business?

Many people want to do good and make an impact so they give of their time, talent, and treasure to the nonprofits they care most about. These donations keep many nonprofits going, from the funding to pay staff to the manpower to run programs.

But have you ever thought about the good you can do with your business, not just with the profits? This usually still involves time, talent and treasure, but it’s woven into the DNA of your company, instead of being done as an individual.

You can certainly donate profits from your business (and I hope you do!). You can also donate in-kind products or services. You can allow your team members to volunteer on company time. You can host events for nonprofits in your space.

What about some kind of giving model, like TOMS? It doesn’t have to be one-for-one, but you can provide a product or service for every X clients you have.

There’s an organization called Pledge 1% that is focused on increasing corporate philanthropy. They ask companies to give one percent of their equity, time, product, and/or profit to nonprofits.

Other stories I’ve heard of companies getting creative when it comes to giving back

  1. Giving employees a small stipend to back projects on sites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Donors Choose, or Kiva
  2. Micro-volunteering by transporting food or goods for a nonprofit while employees are making customer visits
  3. Letting employees donate to a nonprofit to get casual Friday’s or other benefits
  4. Offering scholarships to workshops or programs you offer to nonprofits

You don’t have to be a nonprofit to be an organization focused on doing good. No matter your product or service, you can build a culture of giving back into your organization.