poke the box
Book 10 for the #50BooksIn2016 challenge. Find out more about my commitment here.


I’ve been a Seth Godin fan for a while, but I’ve recently re-discovered his awesomeness.

Through a course offered by +Acumen on Udemy, I was reintroduced to Seth’s genius in leadership and thinking differently about life and the world. I love what he had to say, and I highly recommend the course. 

After the course, I started looking into his books and his online AltMBA (which I would love to do!). I ordered three of Seth’s books,The Purple Cow, The Dip, and The Icarus Deception  from Amazon and downloaded Poke the Box and We are All Weird on my Kindle as a part of the Kindle Unlimited program.

I loved that Poke the Box was really written as a manifesto like Seth were talking directly to you. It wasn’t earth shattering ideas or things that I had never heard before, but it was packaged in a way (and from someone I trust) that really gave me the motivation to stop wasting my time and life and just start doing.

It is full of digestible chunks of wisdom and heart and after reading it you will feel compelled to start. I know I was. And you’ll be seeing more from me soon in terms of a newly branded website and a new project to help students excel and thrive.

It’s time to start.


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