Content Planning Collection
Take back your time and gain confidence and consistency in your content marketing efforts.
Are you ready for your content to be:

01. Consistent

Consistency is about more than just posting on a regular schedule. It means you are creating content that is on brand and relevant to your audience.

02. Effective

Effective content engages your audience and inspires action. It has a clear focus on providing value and…

03. confident

When you are confident in your content plan, it comes across in your imagery, copy, and interactions. You feel good and your audience does too.

Why Content?

Digital Marketing Matters

Whether your customers are businesses or consumers, digital marketing matters. People expect to hear from you, learn about you, and engage with you online.

77% of Americans are online daily, spending about 5 hours there. If you aren’t engaging your ideal client where they are, you are missing out.


Social Media

Platforms marketers
are using




Email Newsletters

What You Get

Content Mapping

Pick the right content for the
right platform

Content Ideas

Never run out of ideas for
content again

Content Repurposing

Save time by using one piece of content on multiple platforms

Customer Journey

Understand how to lead people from awareness to advocates.

Tips for Effective content

Make sure all of your content is effective and engaging

Content calendar

Plan and schedule content for all platforms so you know what’s coming
Developed By:

Prodigy Collective

Jessica Kinsey

Prodigy & Co

Jessica Kinsey is the founder of Prodigy & Co, a strategic consulting firm with a focus on wholistic plans to grow revenue and impact for socially driven organizations. She is a visionary and strategist, defier of status quo, and passionate problem-solver trying to make the world a better place.

Amanda McKinney

AM: Marketing

Amanda McKinney is the founder of AM:Marketing where she provides strategic marketing consulting for health and wellness businesses. She helps entrepreneurs find their marketing rhythm so they can spend time doing what they love. Whether it’s a launch, revamp, or refresh, AM: Marketing is ready to wake up your branding.

Amanda Woods

Social Savant Consulting

Amanda Woods is the founder and Creative Influencer of Social Savant Consulting, a boutique social media advertising and consulting agency. She empowers clients to build relationships through social media so they see real results on their bottom line and return on their investment.
Content Planning Collection
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