This year, I’ve committed to reading 50 books.


In all of the reading and research I’ve done on creativity, innovation, and breakthroughs, the most prolific theme is around making new and random connections between seemingly unconnected ideas. To up my innovation game and increase my knowledge of disparate worlds so that I may begin to make more of these connections, I have made this reading commitment, which is not quite a book a week all year (that would be 52, if you are counting).

My list of potential books spans multiple different fields (and includes some fiction, as well) and already numbers beyond 50. I am sure new books will be published this year I want to read more or I will be swayed by recommendations from friends and colleagues, so the list is fluid and flexible. This goal isn’t meant to be a hard and fast rule that binds me, but a goal that pushes my boundaries for disciple and learning. I will read what I am most interested in at any given time.

As a part of the process, I will be posting each book as I read it and will write some level of review when I have finished them. Some will be more detailed than others, depending on the content and my feelings about the book. I will be posting quotes on Instagram and Twitter as well, using the hashtag #50BooksIn2016.

I just finished my first book, The Future of God by Deepak Chopra, and that review will follow shortly.

I hope you will follow along and gain something from my reading and reviews. Feel free to join me with your own reading commitment, whether 50 books, 24, 12 or 1.

Here’s to continued learning and connecting ideas!