Let’s face it, worrying about donations should be the last thing on your mind when you’re trying to do the things that’s going to change the world with your organization. But there are so many simple things organizations don’t do that could be making people miss the opportunity to donate to your cause! These are 5 ways you might be missing donations (and don’t miss the downloadable how-to guide at the bottom): 

  1. The Donate Button 

It’s amazing how many times nonprofits forget to have one. This is one of the most simple ways to get those donations! Make it easy for your audience by making a clear and accessible call-to-action button. People go to your website, get wow’ed by your story, and then need the next step—so make it easy for them to give to you!


  1. Email Signature

Emails are a standard form of communication, so you should use it wisely! Every email is an opportunity to remind someone why their giving matters. Make sure your email signature has either a custom donate button or a link to your webpage or PayPal account.


  1. Facebook Birthday Dedication

How many more birthday presents do you need? Use your special day to raise funds for your organization! Facebook makes it easy for you to create a fundraiser and ask friends and family to contribute in honor of you. This is a simple way for your people to know more about your organization and to celebrate you!


  1. Board Policy

When was the last time you reviewed the board giving policy? Your board supports you mission already—let’s make sure they are giving to your organization as well! Most board policies don’t set a specific dollar amount, but many boards are asked to give something to the organization substantially. Make your board most effective for you!


  1. Donor Follow Up

Statistics say that first-time donors who receive a personal thank-you within 48 hours are more likely to give again! It is always easier reaching a person who already believes in your organization than a complete stranger. Give the donor a call or send them a personalized email—let them know how much you appreciate their donation and the impact they are making.


Now that you know about these simple, yet game-changing, go be outstanding, you prodigy you.

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