Do you have people in your (business) life that you can count on to give you guidance and advice, listen to your ideas and challenge them in a constructive way, and celebrate your wins because they know what you went through to get there?

If not, I challenge you to find one. Right now. Having a #BizBestie has taken my business to the next level.

Often times when you start your own business if you don’t come from a family of entrepreneurs or have friends who are already entrepreneurs, they don’t understand what you are going through.

They’ll say things like “When are you going to go get a real job” or “I don’t even understand what you do all day long” or “You are taking this hobby awfully seriously, aren’t you”.

The people who say these things are likely loving, well-meaning people. They just don’t get it. They don’t have the drive of an entrepreneur. And that’s okay. Not everyone needs that. (Who else would work for entrepreneurs if everyone wanted to start their own business.)

It’s hard enough to start your own business, but if you don’t have people around you who understand what you are going through it can be extra lonely. Even then, not every person around you who is an entrepreneur and understands you will fall into the category of #BizBestie.

#BizBesties fill a special place in our lives that is one part best friend, one part business coach, one part cheerleader, one part accountability partner, and one part co-worker (and has a willingness to be devil’s advocate).

My #BizBestie and I don’t have the same business, but we still work together on a regular basis to help each other move forward.

We hold each other accountable for getting projects done. We bounce ideas around and aren’t afraid to provide constructive criticism to make them the best they can be. We don’t just rubber stamp each other’s ideas (which other well-meaning friends might do). We’ve done customer research for each other. We’ve helped each other write blog posts. We’ve provided guidance on individual client work.

Having someone I know will be there for me and my business has added a level of confidence to my work. I’ve taken on projects to grow my business I probably wouldn’t have otherwise because we are working on it together. It’s made everything I do better.