Over the last eighteen months, I’ve learned enough about entrepreneurship to write eighteen books. But being an entrepreneur doesn’t leave a lot of time to write them, so I’ve distilled what I’ve learned into eighteen lessons that are crucial for any aspiring or established entrepreneur to learn.

Check out the first six below, and look out for more coming soon.

1.You need support. Find people who understand what you are going through and will be real with you through the struggles.

2. Some days are a straight up grind, and not everything you check off your to-do list will be fun. But it will all be progress.

3. What the client likes best might not be the thing you geek-out over. But if a client geeks out over anything you’ve done, that’s a win.

4. Using social media for business isn’t the same as posting pictures of your dog or your dinner. It requires concentrated strategy and effort.

5. You cannot base your personal worth on a client’s success. They are grown-ass adults who have to work to get results, just like you.

6. You can’t help everyone for free all the time. It’s gut-wrenching to say no, but you must protect your time and energy.


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